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Cause in The Matter

CPR Artists is proud to support ‘Cause In The Matter’. The purpose of Cause In The Matter is to raise awareness of an array of causes supported by our leaders in arts and government such that they are investigated in and contributed to by others.

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Peppino D’Agostino – New Truefire DVD

When TrueFire asked me to work on a second instructional video, I was excited and slightly nervous about it. I was tasked with preparing 10 etudes, approx. 12 measures in length, all for the early intermediate and intermediate player. My anxiety was due to the fact that I had to come up with original material for guitarists at their early stage of musical knowledge!

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CPR Entertainment Expands Business

CPR Entertainment launches stand-alone management and merchandise portals ushering in a new era of business opportunities.

The company was originally formed by Gina Mendello in 2000 to support her management of Australian guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel, and the sale of his merchandise.

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Jesse Cook

Christie Lenée

Daniel Champagne


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